ROI of CANGAS oxygen plant for your medical oxygen cylinder renting business

- Jan 20, 2020-

The ROI of CANGAS CFS cylinder filling system:

  1. Assume a 40L medical oxygen cylinder(contains 6m3 oxygen at 15MPa) is rented by hospitals with 3.7 USD on average and local electric rate is 0.1 USD/ kWh.

    2. With CANGAS patented energy saving technology and high efficiency equipment, One cubic meter oxygen can be produced consuming  2.2 - 2.4kWh power(All CANGAS standard CFS models).

    3. When you sell one cylinder of oxygen to hospitals, the ROI is simply: 3.7 – 6*2.3*0.1=2.32 USD

    4. At Daily basis if you sell one hundred cylinders of oxygen the ROI is: 2.32*100 – X=232 USD – X. The X indicates the transportation cost or cost of gasoline for your truck.

    5. Your annual ROI will include the basic maintenance for CFS system. Let’s use CFS-25 for example, the annual maintenance kit is about 8600 USD.

    6. The annual ROI would be: 2.32*100*365-8600-X-Y=76080 USD – X –Y. Here the X indicates your cost for transportation affairs and the Y indicates your cost for the factory rent, the payment to your employees and so on.

    7. If your local market has a high demand for oxygen, the higher one time investment you put on CFS the more you can earn.

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