PSA nitrogen generation system

- Apr 22, 2016-

The principles of pressure swing adsorption (PSA) Nitrogen generator are adsorption and diffusion.

Each gas has a characteristic adsorption rate that when adsorbed by Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) which is used as adsorbent in PSA nitrogen generators made by CANGAS SYSTEMS COMPANY LIMITED. CMS has large surface area containing volume of micro pores and passageways. Oxygen has a higher adsorption rate than nitrogen by CMS at certain pressure. When compressed air enters CMS, nitrogen molecules are able to pass through this large surface. And oxygen molecules are adsorbed to the surface area. This how CANGAS PSA nitrogen generation plants work.

As the CMS is saturated with oxygen, it should be depressurized to regenerate for next cycle. CANGAS PSA nitrogen generator adopts two towers filled with CMS to produce a continuous stream of nitrogen.

During depressurization, the nitrogen of lower purity than required is transferred to another tower, which is called pressure equalization. Pressure equalization donates to higher efficiency and less energy consumption.

Know-how in the definite time and ways to equalize the pressures in both adsorption towers is the key to the best results. For CANGAS PSA nitrogen generators, this had been made to the best supported by lots of test and years of experience.

PSA N2 .jpg

PSA Nitrogen Generator is a nitrogen generation equipment adopting carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent - pressurized adsorption and desorption of oxygen from the air, resulting in the separation of nitrogen. Carbon molecular sieve's O2 and N2 adsorption properties with the increasing of adsorption pressure makes O2, N2 adsorption capacity increased, and the adsorption rate of O2 is higher. CANGAS PSA nitrogen generators exactly utilize these features of nitrogen, oxygen and CMS. But this is not enough, many factors shall be considered and manipulated to the best - this is also why CANGAS PSA nitrogen generators are welcome and so popular in the world because CANAGS do everything the best. PSA cycle is short - O2, N2 adsorption start from equilibrium/pressure equalization, but the O2, N2 diffusion rate are so different that O2 adsorption capacity in a short time is much higher than the adsorption capacity of N2. PSA Nitrogen generation technology is using carbon molecular sieve's adsorption characteristics, and the principal of pressurized adsorption, desorption decompression cycle - the compressed air alternately goes into two adsorption towers to achieve air separation, thereby producing a continuous flow of product nitrogen. However knowing these is not enough - CANGAS had developed all these to the best in all CANGAS PSA nitrogen generators.