Ozone generator for medical & water treatment

- Jul 12, 2016-

PSA oxygen generation for Ozone production in applications of medical and water treatment

The product oxygen from CANGAS PSA oxygen generator is, while, the raw material of

water-cooled air-type ozone generator (quartz tube ozone tube), the product has good centrality, high

stability, high volume high concentration, and low power consumption, easy operation specifications,

which is widely used in hospitals, factories, living area, swimming pool, water reuse, air sterilization and

water disinfection sewage treatment, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, wells, reservoirs water areas.

PSA oxygen generator


Waste water treatment

Swimming pool and SPA

Domestic water sterilizer

Aquaculture and aquarium

Space air purification

Ozonated water for disinfection

Bottle water sterilizer

Drinking water disinfection

Ozone generator for food processing

Decompose chemical residual from vegetable and fruit ,Eliminate bacteria and virus for agriculture products to keep fresh ,use for food processing, cold storage .


1. All-in-one machine with ozone and oxygen generation ,with built-in PSA oxygen generator with high concentration of ozone and ultra-low rate of ozone decay.

2. Use patent of utility model - ceramic ozone generator tube

lInternal electrode cooled by water cooling and  external electrode cooled by air cooling.

llow temperature rise , high efficiency and stability under continuous work , so with extreme low rate of ozone output decay and high ozone concentration, thus saving air supply.

4. Use oil-free air compressor ,supply compressed air with oil ball and impurity .

5. Use advanced high-frequency pulse modulation to ensure that ozone output varies with the change of demand, thus realizing accurate control.

6. Use anti-oxidation and corrosion-resistant materials (polyfluortetraethylene, components made of stainless steel 316L)

7. Control: Water flow sensing protection switch , Alarm lamp , Emergency switch ,heat protection switch .

8. Humanity design of the control panel with easy and convenient operation (an ideal selection for commercial and industrial applications).