Oxygen generator for sale

- Aug 23, 2017-

CANGAS Systems Company Limited is a pioneer in oxygen and nitrogen generator technology. Many of our original generator systems are still going strong after 20 years. Our precision-engineered oxygen and nitrogen generation systems are used throughout the world in mission-critical applications, across dozens of industries. You’ll find our dependable oxygen & nitrogen generators, made in the China, in some of the most demanding and remote environments in the world. You wouldn’t pay someone to bring you tanks of compressed air, so why would you pay for someone to deliver a tank of air’s main ingredients? Start supplying yourself with nitrogen or oxygen—and save!

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A dependable, engineered oxygen generator from CANGAS is the safe and economical way to achieve O2 purity levels from 85% to 99%. Our on-demand oxygen generation systems are designed to meet each customer’s specific purity, pressure and flow requirements for a fraction of the cost of delivered gas.


Our oxygen container systems can be easily trucked to your location for complete turnkey operation. We also offer an oxygen filling station and a complete line of accessories.


Up to 93~95% Oxygen Generators – An endless supply of oxygen for a wide range of commercial applications.

99% Oxygen Generation – The only industrial oxygen generator capable of producing 99% oxygen.

Portable Oxygen Generation Systems – A field-proven, self-contained medical oxygen generator.

Oxygen Container Systems – Containers for oxygen generators, customized as needed.

Oxygen Generation & Filling Syatems – Battle-tested oxygen filling stations. Fill your own oxygen cylinders and save.

Engineered Oxygen Generation Systems – Engineered oxygen generation systems designed and installed to your needs.

Oxygen enriching systems used in gyms, areas of high altitude, bars, hotels.

Lean/simulation oxygen systems for sports applications.

VSA oxygen systems with extreme low power consumption & operation costs.

VPSA oxygen systems with high oxygen flow for environmental applications.

Cryogenic oxygen systems for applications of high oxygen purity demand - 99.6%. and high flow demand.

Membrane oxygen/nitrogen systems for special applications with small footprint.

Customized/tailored/specialized oxygen/nitrogen systems for special applications - truck-mounted, trailer mounted, containerized, explosion-proof, off-shore models, box-type, tire inflator, all-in-one design, O2 generator & filling all in one, SMT, packing applications, clinic applications, lab applications, aerospace applications, military applications...


An endless supply of Oxygen for a wide range of commercial applications

For more than 20 years, CANGAS has manufactured oxygen generators in purities up to 99%. Our dependable and reliable oxygen generators are precision-tuned and ideally suited for a range of commercial applications.


Commercial Applications for PSA Oxygen Generators include

• Gold Mining
 • Brazing
 • Fish farms/hatcheries
 • Oxy-Acetylene cutting/welding
 • Glass blowing
 • Laboratories
 • Waste water treatment


How Oxygen PSA works

Adsorption is the physical process of separating molecules. Our Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) oxygen generation systems generate oxygen by separating it from the nitrogen in ordinary air. Air, of course, is 20.9% oxygen and 78% nitrogen, along with a small percentage of inert gases.


A vessel containing a molecular sieve called zeolite is filled with compressed air. The nitrogen molecules are adsorbed by the sieve material while the oxygen molecules drift past and are collected in an oxygen receiver tank.


Pressure is then released from the vessel, and the nitrogen molecules are vented to the atmosphere. At the same time, the cycle is repeated in a second vessel to provide a constant flow of gas.


Learn more about CANGAS PSA Oxygen Generators

If you would like more information about our PSA oxygen generators, please contact us to sales1@can-gas.com.