Nitrogen used in Airport Ground Support

- Aug 07, 2020-

At air port and during flight, the aircraft's fuel system is filled with nitrogen to isolate the combustion and maintain the pressure balance from inside to outside of tank to meet more stringent safety regulations. The nitrogen prevents the oxygen in atmosphere from reacting with volatile gases in tire to avoid tire blasts. High pressure nitrogen is added to ensure flight safety.

CanGas® nitrogen filling trailer is suitable for supplying high-purity, high-yield, low-dew point nitrogen for various aircraft and maintenance. The package is simple in operation, safe and reliable, high in efficiency, low in noise, long in continuous working time, and convenient to use and maintain. It uses automatic control system with parameter monitoring, self-test, and safety alert and protection.

Compared to previous method of using gas cylinders, the time required to operate and maintain the nitrogen supply system can be reduced by CanGas® nitrogen filling trailer. And it overrides transportation limitation or traffic control.