Nitrogen tire inflator manufacturers

- Sep 07, 2017-

Many industries rely on nitrogen tire inflation and opt to have a unit onsite for their daily needs. CANGAS can supply, install and train internal staff on the use of the nitrogen tire inflation. Even many outdoor enthusiasts who have numerous vehicles such as off-road vehicles, RV’s, motor homes, motorcycles, even horse trailers are installing nitrogen systems in their homes to insure that their vehicles are ready to hit the roadat a moment’s notice.


CANGAS uses equipment and products that guarantee the highest level of safety and performance while maintaining a reasonable nitrogen tire fill cost. That’s why they use products developed and manufactured by Parker Hannifin, SMC, and Siemens. All of these companies are industry leaders with a proven track record of quality assurance. CANGAS’s goal is to make sure that motorists stay safe on the road.

THINK SAFETY FIRST. The number of Americans that do not consistently check their tire inflation pressure, which is the leading cause of premature tire failure. Other leading causes of tire failure include:

Under or over inflation


Pressure increase due to heat build-up

Uneven wear due to improper inflation

Rim corrosion

Rubber deterioration by oxidation

By far, the single most critical factor for maximizing tire life and minimizing the chance of catastrophic tire failure is maintaining the proper inflation pressure for a given tire size and load. Properly inflated tires not only last longer, but also are safer. One way to help maintain proper tire inflation is to fill tires with nitrogen instead of compressed air. Nitrogen allows a tire to retain more of its original properties.

Why should I consider Nitrogen Tire Inflation?

Better Fuel Consumption
Nitrogen gas is slower than air to leak from tires because of the larger size molecule, therefore, proper inflation pressure is maintained longer ensuring a more consistent ride and better gas mileage.
Improved Tire Life
Improper air pressure is one reason that tires wear improperly and quickly. Because nitrogen-filled tires maintain proper air pressure longer they provide more “even” tire regular wear.
Improved Tire Endurance
Compressed air contains moisture, so in addition to inconsistent tire’s inflation pressure, the moisture can also react with the rubber compounds in the tire, causing them to break down and lose their strength and durability.
Improved Tire Running Stability
Nitrogen filled tires maintain a more consistent tire pressure; cooler running; longer tread life; less oxidation of tire components, and reduced rim and wheel corrosion.