Nitrogen Generators for Use in Pharmaceutical Industries

- May 27, 2019-

Nitrogen gas is used in all sectors of the pharmaceutical industry. From nitrogen blanketing active & high purity pharmaceutical ingredients in the manufacturing process, to inerting blister packaging and vaccine vials, CAN GAS Nitrogen Generator is the Nitrogen solution in the pharmaceutical space.

Nitrogen gas is used in the medical and pharmaceutical industries in order to reduce the presence of oxygen in situations where combustion is a major concern. Blanketing or inerting an environment using Nitrogen gas can stabilize materials that might otherwise prove harmful or even explosive when put in contact with oxygen. Nitrogen is a dry, inert, gas that can displace oxygen in a situation where oxygen may provide the catalyst for combustion or where it may affect the quality of a product.


The use of Nitrogen generators for medical equipment in the lab or hospital is a popular practice because of the increased safety, convenience, reliability, and ease of storage they offer compared to using high pressure cylinders.


Whatever your pharmaceutical or medical needs, CAN GAS can create a Nitrogen generator for you. Find out more about our ultra-pure and safe Nitrogen gas below or contact us now to see how we can benefit you.