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- Sep 02, 2015-

The Origin of the Name of Nitrogen and Oxygen

The French chemist A.L.Lavoisier(1743-1794) used scale as the tool to research the chemistry at an early time and paid attention to the changes of the quality of objects in the chemical reaction. As soon as he knew Priestley refined oxygen from mercury oxide, he underwent a famous experiment to research the components of the air (referencing the first chapter of the reading material). He got rid of the the traditional false theory(phlogiston) and made scientific judgements based on the facts, demonstrating that the burning was the object reacting to the oxygen in the air. The specific item "phlogiston"  did not exist at all. In 1777, based on other chemists' understandings, Lavoisier realized that air is the combination of two gases, one helps burning and breathing, which he called "Oxygen", meaning the elements to form acid. The other does not help burning and breathing was named as "Nitrogen", meaning it cannot maintain the life.