Nitrogen generator applied in different applications

- May 21, 2020-

1. SMT industry

Nitrogen-filled reflow soldering and wave soldering can effectively suppress the oxidation of solder, improve the soldering wettability, accelerate the wetting speed, reduce the generation of solder balls, avoid bridging, reduce welding defects, and obtain better welding quality. Use nitrogen with a purity greater than 99.99 or 99.9%. Gaopu GASPU has cooperated with most of the domestic and foreign manufacturers of nitrogen-filled reflow and wave soldering equipment, and has equipped hundreds of cost-effective PSA nitrogen generators for many well-known SMT electronics manufacturers. The SMT industry has a share of over 90%.


2,. Semiconductor silicon industry

Atmosphere protection during semiconductor and integrated circuit manufacturing, cleaning, chemical recycling, etc.

GASPU manufactured the world's first dedicated pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generator for the semiconductor silicon industry, which successfully replaced liquid nitrogen. The system has been operating in Hong Kong for nearly two years without intermittent operation.

3. Semiconductor packaging industry

Encapsulated with nitrogen, sintered, annealed, reduced, and stored. Gaopu PSA nitrogen generator assists major manufacturers in the industry to win the competition and achieve effective value enhancement.

4. Electronic components industry

Selectively solder, purge, and package with nitrogen. Scientific nitrogen inert protection has proved to be an indispensable and important link for the successful production of high-quality electronic components.

5. Chemical industry, new material industry

Nitrogen is used to create an oxygen-free atmosphere in the chemical process to improve the safety of the production process and the power source for fluid transportation. Petroleum: It can be used for nitrogen purging of pipelines and containers in the system, nitrogen filling, replacement, leak detection of storage tanks, flammable gas protection, and also for diesel hydrogenation and catalytic reforming.


6. Powder metallurgy, metal processing industry

Application in heat treatment industry Annealing, carbonization of steel, iron, copper, aluminum products, high temperature furnace protection, low temperature assembly of metal parts and plasma cutting, etc.

7 Food and pharmaceutical industries

Mainly used in food packaging, food preservation, food storage, food drying and sterilization, medical packaging, medical replacement gas, medical delivery atmosphere, etc.


8. Other fields of use

In addition to being used in the above industries, nitrogen generators are also widely used in coal mining, injection molding, brazing, tire nitrogen-filled rubber, rubber vulcanization and many other fields.