Nitrogen for edible oil and grease

- Jul 29, 2019-

The main problem of edible oil and grease storage is the oxidative rancidity of grease. Once oxidative rancidity happens,not only taste and odour of edible oil and grease will become acid and bitter,but also its color and transparency will be different compared with good and safety ones. Therefore the key point of good edible oil and grease storage lies in preventing the oxidative rancidity of grease. So if it can control the grease oxidation,then the process of grease deterioration can be stopped.


The oxidation speed of the grease is proportional to the concentration of oxygen. It is possible to fundamentally solve the problem by trying to limit or cut off the supply of oxygen. The nitrogen-filled oil storage is to charge the nitrogen gas into the oil tank, and remove the air from the oil tank so as to prevent the oil from being oxidized, so as to ensure the safe storage of the grease. The higher the nitrogen content, the lower the oxygen content, the more favorable for storage. It can be said nitrogen content has huge effect to the edible oil and grease storage. CanGas® PSA on-site nitrogen generator can produce such qualified nitrogen for edible oil and grease storage use.