Model in CT, MRI, ultrasound injection markers visible FDA access

- Mar 07, 2015-

Locking plate recently, hydrogel injection Augmenix company tracking the tissue markers (TraceIT Tissue Marker) FDA access. The markers are very useful in medical imaging, since it is visible in the CT\MRI\ cone beam CT and ultrasound. It can keep stable in vivo visible for up to 3 months, then it will be absorbed by the body and excreted.

This new type of markers of MRI\CT image fusion to help clinicians more correctly, in the application of radiotherapy better play cone beam CT. According to the statement, TraceIT is a synthetic hydrogels, mainly as water and iodate crosslinked polyethylene glycol. By fine needle after the injection, a small amount of hydrogel injection material, breast, prostate and other lung tissues was clearly visible, the gel is three month long the body not random enough radiation treatment required, then will be discharged from the body's absorption of.

According to University of California at Los Angeles professor of radiation oncology Patrick Kupelian stated: "when the application of tumor markers, trade markers other always in the region of interest to produce image artifacts lasting, and the application of this kind of absorbable hydrogel, will not have the question. Department of orthopedics, steel manufacturers