mobile oxygen gas generator

- Sep 30, 2015-

How We Produce Oxygen and Nitrogen

In nature, nitrogen has a wide distribution, and it is the main component of air. In dry air, nitrogen and oxygen content accouted for 78% and 21%. So, as the biggest raw material storage, air is never can be used up.

Low pressure N2 can be produced by separating oxygen and nitrogen in air by using the pressure swing adsorption (PSA) process. Dry & oil-free compressed air produced in our Compressed Air System enters the PSA Nitrogen Generator and is first stored in the Dry Air Receiver from where it enters the PSA System. Here the oxygen is adsorbed by the Carbon Molecular Sieves and nitrogen comes out as a product gas. The N2 enters the Surge Vessel where its purity is stabilized before it is sent to the Nitrogen Vessel and then drawn for use. Necessary measurement and control devices are incorporated to make the N2 Generator fully automatic as well as to ensure that only pure N2 goes to your User equipment.