Medical oxygen concentrator

- Jun 30, 2016-

CANGAS CAJ series nitrogen generators for food and pharmacy industries

    CANGAS CAJ nitrogen generator provides a clean nitrogen blanket to food products such as edible oil, wine, juice, milk powder and so on. It prevents the growth of bacteria and preserves better freshness with fermentation control and odor suppress.
Now nitrogen packaging is a trend for food industry to prevent food products spoilage, preserve freshness, maintain flavor and extends shelf life.

    CAJ series nitrogen generators are cabinet mounted and automatic CANBUS control equipped for reliable cooperation with the streamlines. Stages of high efficiency filters are mounted to ensure food stage clean nitrogen.
     Most pharmaceutical applications of CAJ generator are blanketing, inerting and purging to prevent the stuff from oxidization and contamination in producing process. (Transporting / dispensing). SS304 Stainless steel tanks and piping are especially for pharmaceutical industry.
Nitrogen Capacity: 5-1000Nm3 /h.
Nitrogen purity: 95%-99.99%

Dew Point: -45 -60


Ø  CANBUS multi monitoring and control system, enables nitrogen purity, flow rate and pressure online display on panel screen.

Ø  Cabinet compact skid mounted, neat design, easy installation.

Ø  Food grade nitrogen by stages of high efficiency filters.

Ø  Energy Efficiency system ( EES ) is optional for variable flow needs.

Ø  Minimal maintenance limited to annual replacement of filter elements.

    CANGAS hospital oxygen system, an on site oxygen generation system, is especially designed for hospital oxygen supply. The system will end your expensive reliance on traditional delivered bulk liquid oxygen or cylinder oxygen without compromise on safety and reliability.


    CANGAS hospital oxygen system consists of air compressor, dryer, air filters, PSA oxygen generator, oxygen monitoring system and oxygen back up system.



Produce medical oxygen directly from air and consumes electric power only.
CANGAS hospital oxygen system average 1.3 Kilowatts of electricity consumption per cubic meter oxygen.

Reliable and safe
CANGAS oxygen system is designed and fabricated stringently in accordance with relative industry standards ISO 10083: 1982. The oxygen meets requirements of the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) for medical breath oxygen at the purity of 93%±3% and meets specific needs of hospitals.
Continuous oxygen monitoring system ensures that the medical oxygen purity and flow accord with standards and settings.


     CANGAS oxygen system operates fully automatically in direct and quick response to the downstream demand. Optional CANBUS touch screen multi-monitoring and control system, offers all process information by a user-friendly touch screen. Operation parameters including purity, flow and pressure are displayed on the screen and can be set according to actual needs. The system gives running problem alarms that ensure immediate attention of the operator to do corrections. A timer accounts total operation time of the system and reminds the operator to do routine maintenance such as filter element replacements.

Turn key solution, all system pre-tested.

Optional DCS Control is available.

Easy to maintain
The oxygen system is easy to calibrate and maintain.
Routine maintenance is limited to normal air compressor maintenance and periodic replacement of filter elements in the oxygen system.

Specification of CANGAS™ oxygen generation system
Oxygen Capacity:2-90 Nm3/h
Oxygen purity:93%
Content of CO2:
Content of CO
Particle Size: 1µm

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