Mc10 financing 1000000 dollar development invisible electronic health monitoring products

- Mar 07, 2015-

Manufacturers of steel Mc10 Department of orthopedics has just successfully raised $1000000, for the development of extremely lightweight, flexible, portable electronic products.

Electronic products in the company can be implanted in the body, can also be used for the human body. These products are capable of monitoring blood pressure of human body, brain flow, muscle function and moisture content detector. They are not merely the traditional electronic instrument volume small, but these instruments make more flexible, so that the user will not feel that they are carrying these instruments, but also to provide users with monitoring function.

Their products have got the attention of consumers, to compete with their companies including Battle Sports Sciences and Impakt etc.. The field of health and fitness is the early attention in the field of MC10, they will launch the instruments can be placed under a football player's helmet in 2013, this product by MC10 and Reebok together