How does PSA nitrogen generator work

- Sep 27, 2019-

Principle of Operation:

Drying Cycle: 

Purified (Moisture and oil-free) air from the compressed air system, Passing through one of the aluminium tower filled with Carbon Molecular Sieves. The CMS selectively adsorbs oxygen, allowing nitrogen to pass through at the desired purity level.

Regeneration Cycle: 

During the regeneration cycle, the sudden depressurisation brings out oxygen molecules strapped in the CMS pores to the surface of the beads. A small portion of Nitrogen from the drying tower is passed over the CMS through the regeneration orifice. This results in complete regeneration of Carbon Molecular Sieves. The automatic cycling of the adsorption and desorption between the two beds enables the continuous production of Nitrogen. Detailed design of process parameters followed by extensive validation has resulted in a consistant performance in Nitrogen Series. All Aluminium construction hence life-long corrosion free. All the joints are modularly designed non welded gasket technology. Highly reliable Microprocessor based controller with LCD display of generator operations. This controller has designed to suit universal voltage

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