CANGAS 98.5% PSA Oxygen Generator Had Lunched & Went well in the Market

- Mar 01, 2018-

98% O2 PSA Oxygen Generator


CAPO-HP 98% oxygen generator uses PSA technology to make Oxygen with Maximum oxygen purity up to 99%. This oxygen purity meets requirements for the applications such as steel cutting and so on.




Oxygen purity: 98±1% 

Oxygen capacity: 1~200Nm3/h 

Oxygen delivery pressure: 4~5barg or customized



*All-in-one design, all systems are integrated on a skid or two skids for easy installation and operation. 

*High efficient and stable

*Fully automatic control, plug-and-play

*Low maintenance 


CFS-HP 98% Oxygen Making& Cylinder Filling System


The CFS-HP 98% Oxygen system, a compact skid-mounted plant can realize one-stop 98% oxygen production and oxygen cylinder filling.


Time-proven CANGAS PSA oxygen technology makes the oxygen plant more economic, more convenient and more reliable. All parts of the oxygen plant are from famous brands with reliable performance. Unique design makes the plant cost-saving - high production rate with minimum power consumption.



Standard models of this oxygen plant with capacities from 3Nm³/h to 30N/h are available now for the market, other customized models are available also. CANGAS is ready at your service. Detailed model selection table is as below.


Key Features

-Product Oxygen purity up to 99%, meets more Oxygen applications

-Proven PSA oxygen technology, reliable and economy  

-Fully automatic control and standalone run

-Compact design with small footprint, easy installation

-Plug and run design

-Low maintenance


Models and Specification

CFS-HP-3   12  cylinders/day

CFS-HP-5   20  cylinders/day

CFS-HP-10  40  cylinders/day

CFS-HP-15  60  cylinders/day

CFS-HP-20  80  cylinders/day

CFS-HP-25  100 cylinders/day

CFS-HP-30  120 cylinders/day


Remark: Cylinder valume is 40 liters and capacity is of 6m³.