High Purity Oxygen Delivery Systems, Cylinder Filling Plants, Oxygen Generators and Complete PSA Oxygen Systems

- Mar 10, 2020-

High Purity Oxygen Delivery Systems, Cylinder Filling Plants, Oxygen Generators and Complete PSA Oxygen Systems

CAN GAS factory

Providing PSA Oxygen Systems Solutions Worldwide for Todays Diverse Demand, CAN GAS is China manufacturer and a worldwide distributor of high purity oxygen production & delivery systems, cylinder filling plants, and oxygen generators for medical, industrial, and military applications.

Established in 1998, CAN GAS specializes in the design, manufacture andcommissioning custom built PSA/VPSA/liquid/cryogenic/membrane oxygen and nitrogen generators.

CAN GAS oxygen producing equipment when required is complemented by our line of in-house assembled oxygen compressor as boosters to pressures up to 5 bar or as high as 200 bar using our exclusive hydraulic liquid piston compressor design.

Our automatic medical oxygen plant is superbly designed incorporating host of features that make our plants the most preferred choice for customers. They generate medical grade oxygen which is fit for all sorts of medical applications. Our medical oxygen generating machines guarantee to deliver production of oxygen with purity up to 99.7%, which is considered excellent for medical use. The plants are manufactured and fabricated in accordance with ASME code and conforms to all major Pharmacopeia such as Indian Pharmacopeia, US Pharmacopeia, British HTM standards, European Pharmacopeia etc. For cost feasibility, you can contact a consultancy to get a medical oxygen plant project report. It would give you a fair enough idea about the entire expenses starting from erection, commisioning to the installation. We are one of the few oxygen plant manufacturer that offers comptitively priced oxygen cylinder filling system for medical applications.


Our plant machinery is superb industrial equipment that is manufactured using the latest cryogenic distillation technology , which is used in industrial gas plants for generating high purity oxygen. Our machnies are manufactured as per international manufacturing standards. Materials used in fabricating have high ignition point and can withstand extreme pressures and meet the internationally acceptable quality standards. For ensuring efficiency, we use high grade stainless steel columns in our fabricating.


Medical oxygen plant is an industrial equipment which is used for producing natural oxygen for commerical applications. For getting the feasibility for gas business, you can request a reputed indusrial gas manufacturer for sending you a detailed hospital oxygen plant, medical gas filling plant and medical oxygen plant project report. Gas business is a lucrative field but you need specialized knowledge for entering and staying in this competitive business. As far as medical industry is concerned, every hospital or a health institution requires a medical oxygen plant generator for meeting the needs of oxygen in the hospital.


Medical oxygen plant manufacturers and exporters in United Arab Emirates, UAE, Dubai, Saudi Arbia, Qatar, Kuwait - Our medical gas plants and equipment is manufactured and fabricated in technical collaboration with ING. L. &A. BOSCHI of Italy, which is an acclaimed Italian company specializing in manufacturing high quality oxygen/nitrogen production plants. We use the same designs and manufacturing processes in the fabrication of our plants. The capacity of our hospital oxygen plant, medical oxygen generator plant manufacturers machinery ranges from 50m3/hour to 5,000m3/hour. Built with superior technology and innovative designs, our plants are being used across the globe delivering excellent performance for our clients. We are reputed in the international market for our expertise in designing, manufacturing, fabrication and installation of industrial and medical oxygen machinery of different production capacities. Medical oxygen cylinder suppliers in uae, medical oxygen cylinder suppliers in dubai, medical oxygen plant sharjah, medicinal oxygen plants uae, air separation plant in uae, oxygen plant in saudi arabia, medicinal oxygen plants saudi arabia, psa oxygen generator uae, oxygen plant setup cost in uae, dubai, united arab emirates, saudi arbia, qatar, kuwait.


Salient Features of Medical Oxygen Plant:


Complies with international medical oxygen grade standards

40%-70% saving in liquid supply systems

Low energy consumption with easy to maintain with continuously monitored purity & flow

99% oxygen safe for medical use

Easily operated and low maintained

Stainless steel columns

Noise level of the plant is only 74 -78 Db.

Cylinder filling done via vaporizer from the Liquid storage tanks (if required)

Fully Automatic operation via DCS system available

Fully Containerized model available

Ready to install & Trouble Free Operation

Long life of the plant and machinery- over 35 Years

Fully automated, even a single person can operate it

Quick payback and return on investment(ROI)

Hospital oxygen gas plant

Medical Oxygen Cylinder Filling Station System for hospitals uses

Basic Principle:


Our medical oxygen plants use atmospheric. The feed air is, then, entered into a molecular sieve purification system where the process air is separated from impurities such as carbon dioxide and moisture. Subsequently, it is liquefied by cryogenic cooling by using the latest plate and fin, high efficiency heat exchangers and expanders. The liquefied air gets separated into oxygen, nitrogen and various other inert gases in the air separation column.


Scope and Supply:


1. Air Compressor


Air is compressed at a very pressure of 5-7 bar (kg/cm2) by trouble free compressor (Screw / Centrifugal Type).


2. Pre Cooling System


The second stage of the process uses a low pressure refrigerant for pre-cooling the processed air to temperature around 12 deg C before it enters the purifier.


3. Purification of Air by Purifier


Air enters a purifier made up of twin molecular sieve driers, working alternatively. The molecular sieves remove the carbon dioxide & moisture from the processed air before the air enters Air Separation Unit.


4. Cryogenic Cooling of Air by Expander


Air has to be cooled to sub zero temperatures for liquefaction & the cryogenic refrigeration. The cooling is provided by highly efficient expander, which cools the air to temperature almost below -165 to-170 degree Celsius.


5. Separation of Liquid Air into Oxygen and Nitrogen by Air Separation Column


After air is purified of moisture and carbon dioxide, it enters low pressure fin type HEAT EXCHANGER where the air is cooled below sub zero temperatures by air expansion process in the turbo expander. Air gets liquefied when it enters the air separation column & gets separated into oxygen & nitrogen by the process of rectification.


6. Filling tanks/cylinders


It is the last step where liquid oxygen is filled into tanks and cylinders to be delivered onto the end-users.




Air compressor

Process skid

Pre-cooling unit

Air separation column

Liquid oxygen pump

Cooling tower

Oxygen filling cylinder