Function of gas storage tanks on nitrogen generators

- Sep 24, 2019-

In theory, the larger the storage tank, the better. Because it can reduce the number of frequent starts of the generators. The instantaneous current of the nitrogen generator star triangle is about 7 times of the rated current. The frequent start-up damage to the host electrical appliance is relatively large, and the service life of the electrical appliance will be lowered, which will have a greater impact on the power grid and may even affect the normal use of other electrical equipment.

Nitrogen adsorption tower switching time is 1~2s, which means that the instantaneous air consumption is very large. Under the buffer of the gas storage tank, the compressed air will enter the system directly, and it will not be processed at that moment. A large amount of compressed air include a large amount of water-containing and oil-containing will directly enter the nitrogen generator, which will also poison the molecular sieve, thus greatly shortening the future service life of the molecular sieve, and at the same time reducing the gas rate and  increasing the cost for the user.

The nitrogen generator uses a gas storage tank to buffer the air output from the main unit. The gas source can be kept within the set value. The gas system can obtain a constant pressure at this time, which is very important for the use of modern factories.

The nitrogen generator compresses the air and sends it to the gas storage tank at the first time. At this time, the air inside will stay for a certain period of time, and the foreign matter such as impurities and water in the air will be precipitated. At this time, the temperature of the compressed air will also decrease, and under no freeze dryer it will get good quality air.