Do I require >99% pure oxygen for medical use?

- Jun 02, 2020-

Medical Oxygen Purity Requirements according to U.S. Pharmacopeia and European Pharmacopeia is 93±3%, according to British Pharmacopeia it is 94%. CanGas®  PSA oxygen generators meet these requirements for use in medical application. Liquid oxygen (LOX) at 99% oxygen purity may have some advantages for metal cutting, but not necessarily for medical applications. Some local authorities require 99% purity oxygen due to old regulations and ordinances.

However, with the acceptance of international specifications from CSA (Canada) and ISO 10083 (European) these older specifications are being revised to 93%. There have been powerful competitive interests that have lobbied local authorities to maintain a 99% medical oxygen purity standard to prevent the introduction of less expensive alternatives like PSA oxygen generators.

Of course, CAN GAS provides 99+% PSA Oxygen generators for customer at demand.