Diy liquid nitrogen generator

- Sep 08, 2015-

CANGAS Diy Liquid Nitrogen Generator

Since CANGAS had entered the cryogenic nitrogen industry, we dedicate ourselves to this undertaking to meet different requirements from different customers in various fields. How to achieve this? See our newly developed diy liquid nitrogen generator with small capacity.

The CANGAS diy liquid nitrogen generator is more economic. For consumers that only needs gaseous nitrogen of small every day, the diy liquid nitrogen generator would be the best choice since it needs low investment.

The CANGAS diy liquid nitrogen generator is more efficiency. The system is designed as required with the wanted capacity - no energy will be wasted. This also greatly improves the production rate.

The CANGAS diy liquid nitrogen generator is with stronger mobility. As the capacity is small, the overall dimension of the plant is small and compact, which brings easy installation and relocating.

Thisdiy liquid nitrogen generator meets all the requirements in various applications. Although it is named diy liquid nitrogen generator, the technology is still cryogenic with qualified performance. It works in the exact same way with the big ones, just with small body in certain scale.

For instance, the CANGAS diy liquid nitrogen generator model SECN-30L is designed as below.

Capacity: 30±5%L/H

LN2 purity: ≥99.99%

Height: 4.5M

All in all, as a leader in the air separation industry, we CANGAS are always trying our best to satisfy all the customers from anywhere with different requirements. Welcome to contact by emailing to to get more information.