Could phytoplankton replace an aeration system in aquaculture?

- Mar 02, 2020-

Generally phytoplankton or also known as microalgae obtain their energy through photosynthesis and release oxygen as the byproducts. Therefore, they produce oxygen from carbon dioxide (CO2) dissolved in the water. One of the major group in phytoplankton is diatoms.

Diatoms have been reported to be of great use in aquaculture. Studies have shown that diatoms could increase dissolved oxygen in ponds provided that the level of silica in the water is sufficient as their cell wall are made of silica. When the silica concentration is low, the nitrogen waste from the animal in the water will be utilised by the blue-green algae and unwanted weed for their growth instead of supporting diatoms.

In order to produce a healthy number of diatoms in the pond, farmers should take note the concentration of silica in the water. Diatoms require about the same number of nitrogen and silica to grow well. 

Though phytoplankton is good in many aspect, it still can not replace external oxygen supply if feeding large quantity of fishes in tanks. The combination of the two can be better for the fish living environment.  

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