Commercial ozone production from pure oxygen

- Jul 16, 2020-

 There are many types and styles of corona discharge ozone generators. These go by many names, but are fundamentally the same, using these components:

  • Corona cell using a dielectric

    • Dielectric material may be glass, ceramic, or quartz

    • Dielectric may be conical, or flat plate

  • High voltage transformer to increase voltage of the electrical discharge

  • Power supply to regulate power to transformer

    • 60Hz machines will only regulate the voltage to the transformer

    • High frequency machines (greater than 60 Hz) will regulate frequency and/or voltage to transformer


Advantages of Corona Discharge Ozone Generator

  • Scalable and can create very large amounts of ozone

  • Creates ozone at medium to high ozone concentrations (up to 30% by weight)

  • Cost effective for long term operation

  • Low maintenance

Disadvantages of Corona Discharge Ozone Generator

  • High cost for initial capital investment

  • Creates excess heat that must be removed for efficient operation

  • Requires very clean, dry air/oxygen feed-gas for reliable operation

Electrolytic Ozone Production

Ozone can be produced directly in water using electrolytic ozone generators. This has huge advantages as the contacting equipment normally required for dissolving ozone gas into water is not required.

Electrolytic ozone generators use an electrical discharge in the water to split the water molecule (H2O) into H2 + O2. This O2 can also be split into O and combine to create O3. This will require a method to isolate oxygen from hydrogen and electrically charge this oxygen into ozone. Much work has been done working with catalysts, anodes and cathodes to improve efficiencies. However, this method is still unreliable in any water other than ultra-pure water, and is energy inefficient.


Advantages of Electrolytic Ozone Generator

  • Ozone produced directly in water, no ozone contacting equipment or off-gassing equipment required

  • Compact design and size

Disadvantages of Electrolytic Ozone Generator

  • High energy consumption

  • Short life of anode and cathode used for electrical discharge

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