CANGAS Nitrogen Generation for the Food Industry

- Mar 22, 2019-

Recommended Systems for Food Industry

Nitrogen gas is an efficient, cost-effective way to displace oxygen and moisture in food packaging (referred to as “modified atmosphere packaging”). By using nitrogen gas in the processing and packaging of food, companies can maintain freshness for a longer period of time without compromising the quality and taste of food products. Aside from food packaging, nitrogen gas is also used for food storage and pest control in food production environments.

Today, more and more companies in the food industry realize that the purity and flow demands are ideally suited to on site N2 generation.

Recommended Nitrogen Systems for Food Processing & Packaging

Nitrogen Membrane Generator

The nitrogen membrane generator is a complete turnkey system. It arrives at your location designed and built to your specifications and you put it online.But its cost is very expensive.


PSA Nitrogen Generator
On-Site PSA nitrogen generator technology assures quick returns on your investment and stable year-to-year gas costs.


Required Gas: Nitrogen 
Purity Range: 95 - 99.999%. For the food industry,its purity is usually 99.5%.

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