Beauty experts successfully developed painless injection equipment

- Mar 07, 2015-

Department of orthopedics plate mention injection, people would be very natural to associate it with a needle into the body of the pain, but this is likely to become history. According to the British "Daily Mail" web site reported in January 29th, researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA announced they have developed a similar tattoo stickers vaccine recently, through the micro needle of the multilayered polymer film embedded in the skin, slow release of the vaccine. This is called "micro needle" injection equipment, can avoid injections when the pain.

This vaccine looks like a tattoo stickers, distributed at the surface of the micro needle columns. Micro needle 250 microns in diameter, is almost 2-5 times the thickness of human hair.

The researchers said, the use of micro needle injection can reduce the pain and sadness, and ANN