Applications of nitrogen in steel industry

- Dec 30, 2019-

Nitrogen blanketing finds application in safeguarding flammable liquids and solids from the dangers of oxidation.  The gas is used for protection of various food products and chemicals from degradation due to moisture and oxygen. On the other hand, it is also used for sparging, which involves bubbling of nitrogen through liquid for removing unwanted volatile elements.

Nitrogen is used as protection of metal against corrosion. In the presence of nitrogen, the steel is protected against oxidation. Another important feature is it prevents any additional heat from being generated. If you are using nitrogen in the making of steel, you will achieve a high quality edge over other alternatives. When you start using high quality edge more and more, it is imperative that your demand for pure nitrogen increases. Decidedly, stainless steel would require use of nitrogen with higher purity. However, normal steel and metal can do with the nitrogen with low purity.   

The inert gas is used metal, brazing and cutting industry. Its use in brazing processes would improve the quality of steel and metal. On the other hand, it also safeguards the steel against dangers of harmful fluxes.  It is also used in the welding industry where the high pressure nitrogen is responsible for separating metal from the mold.  However, there is no oxidation because the gas does not react with the molded meal.

The shielding and inert properties of nitrogen are highly beneficial for the steel and metal industry. Numerous industries have installed nitrogen plants on-site for getting continuous supply of the gas. Application of inert gas is widespread in laser cutting, welding and brazing. In laser cutting, the laser beam is used to melt the material while high pressure nitrogen makes quick hardening of the material possible. Because of shielding properties of nitrogen, the cutting area is safeguarded against oxidation and it does not turn blue. The gas is commercially produced in both gas and liquid form using cryogenic distillation method. On the other hand, cryogenic processes can generate nitrogen with very high purity.

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