High Purity 99+% Oxygen From Oxygen Generator By CAN GAS Factory

CAN GAS is pleased to highlight onsite CANGAS® CAPO-HP 99+% series oxygen generator which apply PSA technology to make oxygen with maximum O2 purity up to 99+%. It meets the requirements for most of the oxygen applications such as steel cutting and other application.

Product Details

High purity 99+% oxygen from oxygen generator by CAN GAS

CAN GAS Company information

CANGAS Systems Company Limited, identified as the Beijing Key High-tech Corporation, is one of the initial companies involved in air separation industry. CANGAS is committed to continuously providing core value to customers in all industries. With 28,000 square meters’ production base, five national patents and ISO9001:2008 Certificate of Quality Management System Certification, CANGAS has been an integration of R&D, design, manufacture, sales, service. Over the past 20 years, CAN GAS has successfully provided
over 4000 sets of air separation systems for many industries in over 47 countries and regions.

CAN GAS Core Business
Industrial nitrogen and oxygen plants
Medical oxygen & other medical gases plants
Artificially atmospheric environment engineering

High purity 99+% oxygen made by CAN GAS oxygen generator


The Guarantee/Warranty Period shall be a period of  360days after on-site startup & commissioning or 420days after shipment, whichever occurs first. If any trouble or defect, originating with the design, material, workmanship or operating characteristics of any Goods, arises at any time during GUARANTEE/WARRANTY period, CAN GAS shall, at his own expense and as promptly as possible, make such alterations, repairs.


Site service
CAN GAS can do paid services of on-site startup, commissioning, installation supervision, training, by providing purchaser with the services of qualified English-speaking engineer at user's site. CAN GAS shall obtain all permits and licenses required to perform the services under this Agreement. CAN GAS will provide his personnel with valid visas, in maximum 10 days mobilization to site.