Generator Nitrogen Food Grade

Generator Nitrogen Food Grade

In the food industry, in order to ensure the freshness and preservation of food, more and more companies use nitrogen to fill food packaging. CAN GAS nitrogen generator can effectively and continuously produce qualified nitrogen to meet the needs of enterprises for nitrogen.
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Nitrogen is colorless and odorless, has lazy chemical properties, and does not react easily with other substances, so it is very safe. It is almost insoluble in water and oil, and food has basically no adsorption of nitrogen, so the package filled with nitrogen will not collapse.

Nitrogen can eliminate air, create an oxygen-deficient environment, inhibit the growth of bacteria and mold, extend the shelf life of food, improve food accessibility, prevent the oxidation of oils, natural pigments, and micronutrients, maintain the original color and flavor of food, and improve food quality.

Nitrogen is widely used in many products.


Oxidation of beer will change its color and taste, and it will also affect the taste. However, if the canned beer is first filled with nitrogen and squeezed out the air, the original taste of the beer can be maintained and the beer foam will be softer.

【Some drinks】

Some beverages also use nitrogen, mainly for pressurization. Plastic beverage bottles and aluminum cans (non-carbonated) are easily deformed during stacking and transportation, so filling them with a little nitrogen (actually a drop of liquid nitrogen and then sealing) can make the bottle stronger. It is said that this can reduce the amount of packaging materials by 1/3 and save a lot of plastic and metal every year. It is an environmentally friendly technology.

【Fruit and Vegetable】

The fruits and vegetables are packed with nitrogen to keep them fresh, which can maintain the appearance of the fruits and vegetables and extend the shelf life.

【Water-containing food】

Nitrogen-filled packaging can increase the shelf life by more than 4 times for foods with a certain amount of moisture such as barbecue, snacks, and noodles.

Purity of nitrogen for food industry is from 95% to 99.99% or higher. CAN GAS nitrogen generator can fully meet different demands. If you want to know more details,welcome to contact with us.  The customized nitrogen generator will be prepared as per your actual need.


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