1. Why CAN GAS?

CAN GAS do business on big international platform of high credibility

Alibaba. –Golden member. We worked with Alibaba at the date of starting international business and we'd been golden supplier of Alibaba for 13 years. Every year Alibaba will do supplier assessment for CAN GAS in financial, manufacturing and trading, and if verification is good, we'd awarded the BV certification proving that CAN GAS is the qualified supplier. You won't worry about funding risks doing business with CAN GAS since Alibaba give credit assurance to golden suppliers. We are exhibitor of CANTON FAIR every year and of overseas exhibitions in Brazil, Indonesia, Pakistan, Germany, Russia, and so on to get in touch with valuable business partners and customers on earth and to get higher international attention. Obtaining good reputation from customers in 80+ countries in the world, we get repeated orders from many of them with whom we’d developed good long-term relationship, and more importantly, some of them (30+) who have good strength of business had been our local distributors for more than 10 years. CAN GAS even got its trade mark CanGas® certified in the Indonesia to do business in the local market to be fairer and more legitimate. We participate in summit of air separation field, work with universities and institutes and finally get recognized by all sectors of the society.

CAN GAS offer reasonable prices. By customer feedback, market analysis, researching and investigation, successful experiences of 20+ years in the air separation field, we give professional consultancy which contributes to reasonable marketing and pricing basis and tactics in the target markets and market segments. And by developing specialized models for specific applications, we can meet all customers’ requirements of different levels with affordable costs. We might say whenever there is a gas demand, there will be a suitable affordable effective solution from CAN GAS.

CAN GAS take pride in the good quality of its products. Not only get the best functional performance or get the technical targets met, but also insure no quality issue within the design service life of the equipments and ensure that the corresponding standards will be met, especially for batch orders. As a complete plant and system supplier, CAN GAS is ISO9001, CE, BV certificated. The QC department conducts quality plan for each unit being manufactured to achieve the best quality. All the steps including sub-vendor assessment, incoming inspection, process inspection, painting inspection, all kinds of test, performance and function inspection, packing inspection and final inspection won’t be skipped. And by years of effort, we’d developed a good supply chain. Particularly for overseas markets, the accessories and corollary equipments will be from reputable famous brands in the world to ensure the quality of entire plant and best local service and timely support.

CAN GAS offer you the best products. We have wide ranges and full series of standardized models of air separation products of full line for your choice. Customized products are also available at demand. We have our own developing and researching center to give the best solutions to all the market segments. Technical team of good strength and order of   300+  CanGas® units of air separation products every year provide strong basis of developing and researching. 20+ years of experience and time-proven technology and design ensure the productivity and effectiveness of all CAN GAS products. Plus good quality control, strict material selection, professional design, advanced manufacturing technique, 13 strict inspections, even unique compact design with good appearance and humanized, standardized functions and applications, the CAN GAS products had brought sizable profits to all the re-sellers and users in more than 80 countries around the world by More economic, More convenient, More reliable.

CAN GAS is a firm of good reputation. Identified as the Beijing Key High-tech Corporation, CAN GAS is one of the initial companies involved in air separation industry. CAN GAS is committed to continuously providing core value to customers in all industries. With 27,000 square meters’ production base with production equipments of high-end, strong capacity of scientific research, complete and perfect managing system, and an entire floor of 1,000+ square meters’ headquarters in Beijing with clean spacious office environment, CAN GAS had become an integration of R&D, design, manufacture, sales, service of air separation products. Plus the cheerful, energetic, excellent teams and managers, splendid enterprise culture, higher qualified personnel, good enterprise image, high brand awareness, high customer satisfaction, high employee satisfaction, ability of handling huge international projects by abundant capital strength, CAN GAS had been recognized as the industry leader of air separation field. We only do one thing, but we do it right and good - focusing on air separation for 20+ years.

CAN GAS provide excellent after-sales service. We work with customers or consultants appointed by customers to give technical service and consultancy in pre-sales and medium-sales. Periodical mail tracking and call-back by CAN GAS professional service team enable CAN GAS to see clearly and know well the running status and functional performance of each sold unit. The online consultation, product sample, technical guidance, personnel training, installation guidance, commissioning, scheduled maintenance, emergency maintenance, annual survey/calibration, technology support, technical exchange, three guarantees for repair, replacement or compensation of faulty products, 18-month quality guarantee, spare parts stock and supply, especially the local service network established by CAN GAS distributors and long-term partners such as Atlas Copco, clear away all the customers’ worries regarding the after-sales service of any sold CanGas® product.


2. Is it necessary to change the molecular sieve of PSA N2/O2 generators?

As long as the feed air is with good quality, the CAN GAS PSA generators do not need any renewal of the molecular sieves, thanks to best quality molecular sieves used for all CanGas® PSA generators.


3. What does a complete PSA nitrogen or oxygen system consists of?

CanGas® typical PSA system is composed of PSA generator with a control unit and oxygen monitor. The complete operating system also requires air package consisting of air compressor, air dryer, filters, air-receiving tank and product N2/O2 tank.


4. Why do I need an air dryer?

An air dryer assures that air is supplied at the proper dew point for the good & reliable performance of PSA N2/O2 systems. The air dryer is used to remove the water in compressed air, in order to avoid that feed air with too high water content getting into the molecular sieve. If air dryer stopped working or failed, the molecular sieve will get contaminated and PSA nitrogen/oxygen generator will eventually be damaged.


5. Can I use air compressors with an integrated air dryer?

Surely. It saves space at user jobsite without any compromise in quality or performance.


6. What is the power supply requirement for CanGas® PSA systems?

CanGas® PSA systems require only about 0.1 kW at 60~240V AC or DC, 50 or 60 Hz, 1 Phase.


7. What is the maintenance cost of CanGas® PSA systems?

CAN GAS PSA systems offer high reliability Nitrogen or Oxygen production through fewer moving parts with high quality components and negligible maintenance. Only the air filter elements in PSA need to be replaced based on a maintenance schedule. The major maintenance is for air compressor.


8. Do you have a reference list?

Yes. As more than 4,000 sets of CAN GAS systems are currently in operation around the world, it is difficult to list them one by one on our website. Please contact CAN GAS for the reference list.


9. Is there any site with CanGas® PSA systems installed that I can visit?

Positive. 4,000+ CanGas® PSA systems are installed and running well all around the world. Please contact us to find the nearest CAN GAS system in your region for visit and assessment.


10. Does CAN GAS offer customer service after sales?

Certainly. At CAN GAS, as selling a product isn’t the end of the business and we believe that customer loyalty is necessary to retain business, these are why we provide great customer service for both before and after sales. CAN GAS 24×7 after sales service helps to ensure that customers are satisfied with their purchases. We are proud that we provided the best after-sales service in the market ever since. Trainings are held regularly for distributors and customers to strengthen relationships, enhance their product knowledge, and learn new product technological developments.


11. What do I have to do when I need service and spare parts for my CanGas® PSA systems?

If you face any problems with CAN GAS PSA or Membrane systems, please reach out to CAN GAS service hotline or send email to the Email addresses below with details and product serial number and some photos which could help us understand your problem and give you the best solution and timely support.


12. Do you offer installation, commissioning, startup service?

Definitely. CAN GAS service engineers can reach any place on the earth for commissioning and installation of CanGas® PSA systems. CAN GAS has a service network spread all over the world to ensure world-wide service and CAN GAS local distributors and partners are trained to provide CAN GAS standard service locally.


13. Are CAN GAS PSA generators producing uninterrupted N2/O2 24*7*365?

CAN GAS PSA systems produce required nitrogen/oxygen 24*7*365 continuously. High reliability through fewer moving parts and high quality components. You will get controlled flow and uninterrupted gas production.


14. What is the purpose of the air/N2/O2 receiver tank?

As buffer or storage, it maintains consistent flow rate and a consistent pressure of feeding air or product N2/O2.


15. Can I fill the O2/N2 cylinders with CAN GAS oxygen/nitrogen systems?

All CAN GAS systems can be expanded with cylinder filling option - by adding a piston booster or diaphragm booster, and cylinder filling station afterwards.


16. How does CAN GAS conduct quality control?

Quality assurance is an integral part of CAN GAS standard production operations and it is priority to always deliver high quality products and services. CAN GAS holds all relevant approvals and certifications for serving numerous applications with good product quality.


17. Can CAN GAS systems be installed in containers /skid/ frames etc.?

Containerized, skid-mounted, framework type, box-type, truck mounted , trailer mounted are all available.


18. What is the standard product pressure by CAN GAS PSA systems?

0~6.5bar for nitrogen and 0~5bar for oxygen. Higher pressures are customizable by boosters.


19. Do CAN GAS PSA systems have the problem of evaporation lost like in cryogenic/liquid oxygen and nitrogen plants?

No, with CAN GAS systems you will produce gaseous oxygen or nitrogen at once to users and no need to store it in cylinders like LOX cylinders where liquid N2/O2 of up to 5% of tank volume is evaporated.


20. What are the main benefits of PSA oxygen systems compared with liquid oxygen/nitrogen?

CAN GAS PSA systems help you save money on your oxygen/nitrogen gas costs and allow you to produce gas on-site. Simple and cost effective from a supply of compressed air, it helps you avoid rental charges, transportation expenses or limitations, labour costs and so on.


21. Why CAN GAS uses Activated Carbon Filter while competitors don’t?

Medical oxygen is considered as drug. While nitrogen used in food industry is additive. Keeping these in mind, CAN GAS adopts Activated Carbon Filter in PSA systems to provide extra filtration and even to remove any odor or any other contamination especially for users from medical services and food industry.


22. What are the payment terms of CAN GAS?

30% downpayment and 70% balance before delivery. Letter of credit (L/C) is also workable.


23. Where CAN GAS PSA gas generators can be used?

CAN GAS PSA gas generators can be used in wide range of applications mainly in aquaculture, medical oxygen in hospitals, modified atmosphere storage, inerting, blanketing, purging, tire filling & manufacture, food and beverage, gold mining, coal mines, ozone production for waste water treatment, marine, laser cutting, electronics, laboratories, electronics, fish farming industries, aviation, outdoor sports, antique protection, underwater filming, cylinder refilling, etc. Contact us to learn how you can benefit from CAN GAS oxygen/nitrogen PSA systems.


24. What is the maintenance cost/service cost of CAN GAS PSA nitrogen or oxygen generators?

CAN GAS PSA N2/O2 generators require negligible or little maintenance. The major maintenance is required by air compressor and this can be serviced locally anywhere. Filter elements need to be replaced based on maintenance schedule. Please contact CAN GAS service department for spare parts and maintenance.


25. Are PSA gas generators environment friendly and safe to use?

The on-site PSA gas generator systems are eco-friendly as one can save a lot on transportation of purchasing cylinder gases and unnecessary green-house gas emissions. With on-site PSA gas generator systems you can make your own gas anytime whenever there is a need, this no need to store large quantities of high pressure cylinders and hazardous gas and moreover handling of high pressure cylinders is eliminated.


26. Who would benefit from using CAN GAS PSA gas generators?

CAN GAS PSA generators suit gas users who have a fairly steady usage of gas. CAN GAS systems provide a steady output of gas at a given flow and pressure. PSA systems will provide the gas where and when you need and are on standby mode when the gas is not required. Exactly based on customers’ requirements. In some cases, it is desirable to save a surplus supply of gas for use in times of peak demand. You can generate your own gas when and where you need and it can save more significantly than purchasing gas.


27. What maintenance must be done for the stable operation of CAN GAS PSA nitrogen or oxygen generator?

In order to ensure long-term stable and reliable operation of the nitrogen or oxygen generator system equipment, some routine maintenance work must be done. The main ones include: whether the solenoid valve works normally; whether the pipelines and pipe fittings of the system are damaged or leaked; whether the electrical control part of the system is securely connected, whether the electrical components are normal.


28. Why there is equalization process in PSA units?

The pressure equalization of PSA nitrogen or oxygen production equipment is mainly for the rapid increase of nitrogen or oxygen purity. At the same time, the design of pressure equalization process improves the utilization rate of carbon/zeolite molecular sieve, and the design of pressure equalization process enables continuously production of qualified nitrogen or oxygen in the process of switching between two adsorption towers.


29. Why the adsorption pressure of the nitrogen generator is gradually reduced?

Air compressors have a reduced displacement due to long-term use. Need to increase the pressure to the nitrogen generator: see whether there is blockage before and after the pre-filters, air dryer, etc., check the cause of congestion; whether the air inlet pressure regulating valve is open or adjusted; valve leaks. Check the operation of the valves one by one, check the leaking part.


30. How does nitrogen improve the oil production ratio in oil field industry?

Under certain conditions, relying on the gravity differentiation of the oil, the nitrogen gas enters the oil wet crack that cannot be entered by the injected water, and the residual oil is displaced. It relies on the gravity separation of the oil field to replace the residual oil trapped in the fracture hole by gravity. The injected nitrogen is dissolved in the crude oil to expand the volume of the crude oil, and the oil drainage effect reduces the residual oil saturation of the formation under the ground separation condition. It is to change the direction of fluid flow and displace the residual oil in the fracture channel. It is based on the differentiation of oil and gas gravity, and to push out the remaining oil that the injected water in the upper part of the mining structure fails to reach.


31. What is the working principle of food nitrogen generators, and what are the characteristics?

The main application of food nitrogen generators is in food packaging. The working principle of PSA nitrogen generator is based on pressure swing adsorption, which uses air as raw material and automatically controls by PLC to continuously produce nitrogen. In general, 15 to 30 minutes, high purity nitrogen can be produced. While product nitrogen is filtered by dust, odor and bacteria filters to meet food-grade hygiene protection requirements.


32. Does CAN GAS offer customize designs based on special requirements?

With experience of 21 years, CAN GAS is capable of customizing any kind of Nitrogen or Oxygen generator. They are with heavy duty construction and design for rough conditions using high quality & durable components.


33. Are CAN GAS systems more efficient than that of competitors?

CanGas® PSA systems have a higher separation efficiency than any other PSA system in the market with less feed air requirements resulting in lower energy requirement with unique proven design and technology.


34.  Are CAN GAS PSA oxygen/nitrogen systems safe?

Safety first is conducted in all process - design, production, testing, delivery, operation and maintenance. CAN GAS systems have low operating pressures, no safety risks of handling of high pressure gas cylinders.


35. Are CAN GAS systems fully automatic?

Optionally they could be fully automated with unattended operation and remote control.


36. What is the life span of Molecular sieves used in CAN GAS PSA systems?

Min. life span of the molecular sieve is 5~8 years for ZMS (zeolite molecular sieve for oxygen production) and  6~10 years for CMS (carbon molecular sieve for nitrogen production) under standard working conditions and scheduled maintenance for all parts. The feeding air quality is most important for the performance of molecular sieves.With good maintenance, one of CAN GAS PSA Plant in Bangladesh has been running well for over 13 years without any replacement of molecular sieves.


37. Do CAN GAS systems need special site preparation for installation?

CAN GAS systems are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. If you place the unit outdoors, it has to be covered by a shed or shelter. Rain protection is a must! If you place it indoor, you need proper air circulation/ventilation for compressor and dryer cooling as well as air intake and exhaust for both. There is no special floor requirement and they can be placed on shop floor directly.


38. Can I use oil free compressor or ordinary compressor for CAN GAS PSA systems?

All oil free compressors are extremely more expensive compared with oil injected ones, but as long as the feeding air quality requirements are met, both oil injected or oil free will work.


39. How much energy is consumed to run CAN GAS PSA N2/O2 Generators?

The power consumption of CAN GAS PSA generator itself is very negligible (0.1 kW for control unit). Major power consumer in the PSA N2/O2 systems air compressor.