Continerized PSA Oxygen Cylinder Filling Station

CANGAS Continerized PSA Oxygen Cylinder Filling Station makes it easy for you to install your own oxygen filling station at an place under any environmental conditions. In emegency it can also support the buiding of filed hospital, filed air port and so on, with reliable CANGAS quality, the machine in side the container works 24 hours a day with minimum opertion(changing filled up bottles) and maintenance(changing filter elements per 4000 hours runing time)
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Product Details

CANGAS CFS Containerized  PSA Oxygen Cylinder Filling Station

CANGAS® oxygen cylinder filling plant , an independent and self-serviced 93% oxygen generation and storage center. You can fill your own cylinders. The system is an ideal choice if you are in area poorly served by traditional gas supply; it overcomes the limits of distance and location.


The capacity of this oxygen cylinder filling plant is based on required numbers of high pressure cylinders; it is available for the oxygen cylinder filling plant to fill standardized 6m3 oxygen cylinders working in 24 hours per day.


Models and Specification

CFS-3 12 Cylinders/day


More models

CFS-520 Cylinders/day
CFS-10 40 Cylinders/day
CFS-15 60 Cylinders/day
CFS-2080 Cylinders/day
CFS-25 100 Cylinders/day
CFS-50 200 Cylinders/day


Customized capacity and cylinder nitrogen filling system are also available.


 *Over 15 years’ manufacturing& engineering experience in oxgyen generator, time-proven onsite systems.

*High efficient and high quality of molecular sieve and proprietary PSA energy saving technology of the oxygen generator can reduce compressed air consumption.30% cost saving compared to bulk liquid oxygenand 50% cost saving compared to oxygencylinders.

 *Fully automated oxygen generator is low maintenance and ideal for a variety of applications. *Optional CANBUS touch screen central monitoring and control system equipped in the oxygen generator enable all working status under online control.

*Cabinet & Packaged type available. 

*Turn-key solution, all systems of the oxygen generator pre-tested.

Principle for oxygen plant

The PSA oxygen technology process for the generation of oxygen gas from compressed air utilizes the ability of Zeolite Molecular Sieve (ZMS) to absorb mainly nitrogen. While nitrogen concentrates in the pore system of the ZMS, purity oxygen gas is produced as a product.





-Proven PSA technology, reliable and economy;

-Product O2 can meet USP medical 93% O2 requirement;

-Fully automatic control and standalone run;

-Compact design with small foot print;

-Low Maintenance.



About us 

Established in 1998, CANGAS has a production and R&D center of an area of 28,000 square meters, certified with ISO9001, BV and CE.

With more than 2,000 sets of plants sold to over 40 countries except China.

Customers include GE USA, Wilmar Group Singapore, Degussa Group Germany, Sinopec China, Samsung Korea etc.


CAN GAS Core Busines:

Industrial nitrogen and oxygen plants;

Medical oxygen & other medical gases plants;

Artificially atmospheric environment engineering


CE Certification 2017


Warranty & Site Service

The Guarantee/Warranty Period shall be a period of twelve (12) months after on-site startup &commissioning or eighteen (18) months after shipment, whichever occurs first.


If any trouble or defect, originating with the design, material, workmanship or operating characteristics of any Goods, arises at any time during GUARANTEE/WARRANTY period, CAN GAS shall, at his own expense and as promptly as possible, make such alterations, repairs and replacements as may be necessary to permit the Goods to function in accordance with the specifications and to fulfill the foregoing guarantees.


Site service

CAN GAS can do paid services of on-site startup, commissioning, installation supervision, training, by providing purchaser with the services of qualified English-speaking engineers at users site, by sending English-speaking engineer to users site.

CAN GAS shall obtain all permits and licenses required to perform the services under this Agreement.

CAN GAS will provide his personnel with valid visas, in maximum 10 days mobilization to site.


Spare Parts

1. Air compressor

Air compressor from Atlas Copco, a international famous brand, best manufacturer of air compressor in the world, is adopt in all CANGAS air separation products to provide best in-time after-sales service to customers all around the world since they have service center in more than 200 countries even though the performance is best and reliable with low maintenance and minimum repair rate.

And CANGAS is proud to announce that we granted as OEM partner of Atlas Copco at the begining of 2015.


2. Refrigerate Air dryer

Refrigerate Air dryer with best, reliable performance from Parker Hannifin, also known as Dominic Hunter, a international famous brand, best manufacturer of refrigerate air dryer in the world, is adopt in all CANGAS air separation products to achieve best pre-treatment for the compressed air.

Parker .jpg

3. Self-clean pre-filter and heavy-duty pre-filter

Self-clean pre-filter from HANFILTER and heavy-duty pre-filter from Atlas Copco with high efficiency and reliable performance is adopt for jobsites with bad working conditions.

4. Desiccant air dryer

Desiccant air dryer made by CANGAS with high efficiency and reliable performance is adopt if the user has strict requirement on dew-point of product gas.

5. Air filters

treatment for compressed air is very important to the air separation plants. Online compressed air filters made by Parker Hannifin and CANGAS are adopt to remove oil, dust, water in the compressed air.


6. CANGAS CAQ series activated carbon

CANGAS CAQ series activated carbon with high efficiency of oil removal for pre-treatment of compressed air is optional.


7. CANBUS smart control and WI-control system

To achieve easy monitoring, operating and controlling of the whole system, CANBUS smart control and WI-control system made by CANGAS are at customer's option.


8. Product gas filter

Odor, dust, oil, bacteria removal filters made by Parker Hannifin will be adopt for product gas treatment to meet customer's requirements.


9. Instruments

Product gas analyzer for purity from CHANGAI, digital flowmeter and SMC/CKD pressure transmeter are standard accessaries. Dew-point analyzer, glass flowmeter, H2 analyzer, CO2 analyzer, etc. are optional.


10. Oxygen boosters

To achieve high delivery pressure or to fill bottles, booster of piston type and diagram with stable performance type are at customers' choice.

Imported high efficiency boosters with super high working pressure from RIX USA and BAUER Germany are also available.


12. Gas filling device and oxygen backup system

Gas filling device for oxygen and nitrogen will be adopt to fill oxygen/nitrogen bottles. Filling pressure and quantity of filling nuzzles are customizable. Manual type and auto type are both available. Oxygen backup system will be adopt if needed.

13. Gas purification device

If SO2, CO, CO2, etc. are not wanted in the product gas, corresponding gas purification device will be adopt.

14. Others

Oxygen bottles, vaporizer, Liquid nitrogen tank, membrane modules for N2 or O2 production, special gas analyzer, special gas purification device, etc. are all available from CANGAS if necessary.

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