Containerized PSA Oxygen Generator 93%~99+%

Containerized PSA Oxygen Generator 93%~99+%

CANGAS PSA oxygen generator is a compact on-site oxygen generation system, which can replace cylinders or cryogenic oxygen supply system. With the strengths of compact, low cost, easily operated, and convenient, it has been widely used in many kinds of fields such as petrochemical, electric steel furnaces, glass making, paper making, ozone generation, aquaculture, aerospace, medical industry, etc
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Product Details

Key Features:

√ Easy transportation and installation.

√ Easy operation - plug and play solution, automatic start and stop is available.

√ Designed for outdoors, especially for extreme ambient conditions. The container is an excellent protection against rain and sun and can be placed on the roof of the building or in the remote area.

√ Wi-Ctrl configuration is available to realize remote monitoring & controlling and system upgrades.

√ Surface of the container is treated with special coating for heat insulation.




Main application:

√ Medical & Home Care

√ Ozone Production

√ Aquaculture

√ Outdoor Sports (diving, mountaineering)

√ High-altitude Flight, Interplanetary Flight, Military/Civil Aviation

√ Oxygen Enrichment

√ Chemical Engineering

√ Burning Process (Glass Craft, Ampoule Making, Thermal Power)

√ Waste Water/Sewage Treatment/Hatcheries

√ Fermentation

√ Cutting, Welding

√ Metallurgy

√ Mining, Mineral Processing, Gold Processing

√ Chemical Engineering

√ Paper and Pulp

√ Lab Researching

√ Civil/Military Airport Ground Support/Service

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