Compact O2 Generator Small Flow Rate Cylinder Filling

Compact O2 Generator Small Flow Rate Cylinder Filling

CAPO C series SMART O2 generators are developed for the small size of health care facilities and cmmercial applications,especially for low flow rate of O2 usage,a stand alone system with highly compact,plu and run design and versatile adaptability,the C series SMART O2 system is excellent in performance,stability and convenience.It also can fill oxygen into cylinders by adding suitable oxygen booster compressor.
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 Compact: Built-in high quality oil-injected screw air compressor, dryer and Multi-stage filters

Reliable and stable: 7*24 hours running, no performance degradation

Low Noise: Sturdy and noise reduction industrial cabinet

Convenient and easy installation: Plug and play 

High Efficiency: Low power consumption

Reliable:over 20 years time-proven PSA technology

Versatile Configuration Options: High adaptability

Flow rate:1Nm3/h,2Nm3/h and 3Nm3/h

Purity :93%±3%

     Rough flow chart for Smart CFS series reference only

SMART C series Medical use

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