CANGAS Laser Cutting High Purity N2 Generator Containerized Nitrogen Plant

CANGAS Laser Cutting High Purity N2 Generator Containerized Nitrogen Plant

Laser cutters rely on non-reactive (inert) gases as the assist gas. Nitrogen would be the typical choice in the process of cutting stainless steels, aluminum and its alloys. Cutting with non-reactive gases is often referred to as clean cutting or high-pressure cutting. Here, the material is melted solely by the laser power and blown out of the cutting kerf by the kinetic energy of the gas jet.
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CanGas Delivers Pure N2 Gas for Optimum Results in Laser Cutting

Purity of the N2 gas is vital to the cutting quality. Even a wee bit of O2 contamination will affect the appearance of the cut. It will cause a yellowing of the metal or form dross that needs to be removed. With an N2 generator from CanGas Systems, you never have to worry about these. N2 gas is produced at 99.99% to 99.995% purity without sacrificing the N2 pressure required by the laser cutting machine.

CanGas Lower Your N2 Gas Costs Dramatically

With an N2 generator at jobsite, users don’t have to worry about the logistics or expenses associated with using bulk nitrogen. Instead, they can save up to 80% by producing N2 gas on site. Even when accounting for the upfront and maintenance costs of the N2 generator, you will still save hundreds of thousands of dollars. With these facts, most laser cutting companies say that switching to on site N2 gas supply is a no brainer.

CANGAS Customizes the Best Solution for Your Laser Cutting Factory

By telling us the following information we deliver the suitable solution for you:

1. Your daily bulk nitrogen consumption or laser machine manufacture’s instruction for nitrogen flow.

2. Type and thickness of materials to be cut and rated power of your laser machine.

3. The available compressed air (if any) for nitrogen production at your factory in m³/min.

4. Required N2 pressure. N2 Pressure of up to 500 psig is available from CanGas for the most powerful laser cutter.


Product Reference
















Flow rate

35-30.8 m³/h

80-70.4 m³/h

110-96.8 m³/h

150-138.6 m³/h

AC rated





Given performance at design altitude: 800masl;                                                                                           A typical complete system’s power consumption for laser cutter is 113% AC’s rated power consumption.




Q: How much nitrogen do I need?

A: To get a rough idea, review bulk nitrogen purchased over a several months period. However, this average will not reflect the instantaneous usage. For exact requirements, consult the operation manual or contact the manufacturer of laser cutter.

Q: Can I produce nitrogen at pressures high enough for laser cutting? (Up to 500 psig)

A: Gaseous nitrogen is typically produced at pressures of 85-100 psig. CanGas will include a booster compressor in the package to achieve the desired pressure.

Q: Can I keep liquid nitrogen as a backup?

A: Absolutely! However, you can send back your large rented liquid storage tank and get a much smaller storage tank which will drastically reduce the amount of liquid nitrogen lost to evaporation. You will still save ­significant expenses and have liquid nitrogen available for unexpected peak usage and if there is downtime for compressor maintenance.

Q: Is ambient air temperature important?

A: Yes. Temperature will affect the working condition of on-site nitrogen production. CanGas always ensure that your actual jobsite conditions are taken into consideration.

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All pressure parts are manufactured under GB Standard - China National Standard. Warranty: 360 days after completion of commissioning or 420 days after shipment, whichever occurs first. Delivery time: 60 days after receiving down payment. Payment: 30% down-payment at Purchase Order & 70% balance payment at advise goods ready for dispatch. Conditions: Cangas’ General Sales & Delivery Conditions; Cangas’ General Warranty Clause; Incoterms (latest edition)N2 purity 99.99% Non-Oxygen Content N2 flow rate 20 Nm3/h Under normal/ standard conditions. N2 delivery pressure 21 bar(305 psi) Service pressure. N2 pressure dew point ≤-40℃ At nitrogen generator outlet Total power consumption ~4kW 220V single phase& 480V three phase/ 60Hz Total weight ~1800kg Weight is approximate CANBUS Optional Whole package in auto control with HMI. AUPV Optional Auto unqualified purity venting. Combined air drying Optional Achieving lower N2 dew point by adding desiccant dryer.


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