CanGas High Purity PSA Oxygen Generator With Cylinder Filling System

CanGas High Purity PSA Oxygen Generator With Cylinder Filling System

Principle The PSA oxygen technology process for the generation of oxygen gas from compressed air utilizes the ability of Zeolite Molecular Sieve (ZMS) to absorb mainly nitrogen. While nitrogen concentrates in the pore system of the ZMS, purity oxygen gas is produced as a product.
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CAN GAS system Co.,Ltd

CAN GAS system Co., Ltd. is a Chinese certified high-tech enterprise, one of the earliest companies involved in the field of air separation technology, consistently dedicated to the R&D of PSA (pressure swing adsorption), membrane nitrogen and oxygen generator systems onsite.

Founded in 1998, CAN GAS has a modern production base of 28,000 Mwith 120 employees. It is an international enterprise integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, sales, engineering and service. It has several national patent certificates and computer software copyright certificates. The four subsidiaries strictly control the quality of each unit of the whole system and have passed the ISO9001, CE, BV.

CAN GAS PSA onsite oxygen generator features:
* CAN GAS standardized  Medical gas equipment based on proven state of the art technologies in history of many years application in fields. 
* Simplified engineering design idea with much less moving parts, guarantees maximum reliability and minimal maintenance 
* More advanced and more economical air separation modules. 
* REFLUX composition control system reduces air consumption capacity, saves energy cost.
* Patented Energy Efficiency System (EES) enables CANGAS systems to produce product gases based on actual demand. 
* CANBUS multi monitoring and control system enables parameters of capacity, purity, and pressure of product gases online display on panel screen, gives running problem alarm, and reminds of maintenance. 
* Turn-key solution and pre-commissioned. 
* Skid mounted design, easy installation.

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