CANGAS 99.5% Cylinder Filling Oxygen Generator Plant

CANGAS 99.5% Cylinder Filling Oxygen Generator Plant

CANGAS oxygen generator CAPO HP serise produce up to 99.5% high purity oxygen breaking the previous dominent of liquid oxygen in high purity oxygen field . CFS HP is our oxygen cylinder filling solution with our highest technique which makes it convenint and suitable for industrial and medical customer with highest standard.
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Product Details

CANGAS® high purity oxygen generator, continuously produce high quality 99.5% oxygen, the quality of the product oxygen meets the standards of medical respiratory oxygen.
It ends days when hospital facilities have to rely on traditional costly liquid oxygen and cylinder oxygen. 
CANGAS® CAP-O series hospital oxygen generator is specifically designed for hospital facilities central oxygen supply, passed related medical equipment Registration Certification, and as medical gas, it meets the United States Pharmacopoeia (UPS) XXI Oxygen 99.5% Monograph.
CANGAS® hospital oxygen generator wins good reputation from the customers from China Mainland, Kazakhstan, USA, Angola, Myanmar etc.

Principle for PSA oxygen generator


The PSA oxygen technology process for the generation of oxygen gas from compressed air utilizes the ability of Zeolite Molecular Sieve (ZMS) to absorb mainly nitrogen. While nitrogen concentrates in the pore system of the ZMS, purity oxygen gas is produced as a product.

Features for CANGAS PSA oxygen generator


-Professional expertise in oxygen treatment for fish

-Small investment, no material consumption except power

-Minimal maintenance with small operating spares

-Energy Efficiency System (EES) optional for O2 flow variety to save power

About us 


Established in 1998, CANGAS has a production and R&D center of an area of 28,000 square meters, certified with ISO9001, BV and CE.

With more than 2,000 sets of plants sold to over 40 countries except China.

Customers include GE USA, Wilmar Group Singapore, Degussa Group Germany, Sinopec China, Samsung Korea etc.


CAN GAS Core Busines:

Industrial nitrogen and oxygen plants;

Medical oxygen & other medical gases plants;

Artificially atmospheric environment engineering

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