high pressure tire inflator CAC-6 High Flow Nitrogen Tire Inflator

CAC-6 High Flow Nitrogen Tire Inflator
Product Details

CAC-6 Nitrogen tire inflator is largest type of CANGAS® nitrogen generation system for consumer and commercial vehicles. It is especially suitable for high flow application like inflating 8-10 tires at once.

The model can cooperate with tire inflator and compressor to meet the request for high flow rate N2 and high pressure application.


1.Nitrogen Purity:95-99.0%

2.Nitrogen Flow Rate: 170- 228L/min(8scfm)

3.Working Pressure: 90-145psig

4.Power: AC220V

5.Dimension: 620*600*1340(mm)/ 53”H X 24”W X 24”D 

6.Built-in 1pcs of 15L N2 buffer tanks

7.External two stages high efficiency air filters(or Built-in ) with pressure regulator