nitrogen for car tires CAC-3 Nitrogen Tire Inflator

CAC-3 Nitrogen Tire Inflator
Product Details

The CAC-3 Nitrogen tire Inflator is dedicated to develop the purest and the most reliable Nitrogen generation system for consumer and commercial vehicles.

The CAC-3 Nitrogen tire inflator will help the users keep a proper tire inflation pressure which will maximize their car’s tire life and fuel efficiency and the higher the nitrogen tire content the more consistent the tire pressure and longer the tire tread life, the system offers average vehicle inflation in less than 12 minutes with a capacity to deliver 99.9% pure nitrogen. 

CAC-3- N2A Automatic Tire Inflator


1. Nitrogen Purity:95-99.0%

2. Nitrogen Flow Rate: 85- 114L/min(4scfm)

3. Working Pressure: 90-145psig

4. Automatic Tire Inflator (handles 4-6 tires)

5. Power: AC220V

6. Dimension: 620*600*1340(mm)/ 53”H X 24”W X 24”D 

7. Built-in 3pcs of 15L N2 buffer tanks

8. External two stages high efficiency air filters(or Built-in ) with pressure regulator

9. Weight:90Kg

Product Accessories:

1. Optional 4pcs of 10 meters nitrogen rubber hose with chuck

2. Optional digital handset oxygen analyzer 

3. One spare N2 outlet