PSA Oxygen Generator For Combustion Process Of Waste Incinerator

PSA Oxygen Generator For Combustion Process Of Waste Incinerator

CanGas CAPO PSA Oxygen Generator adopts Pressure Swing Adsorption(PSA) technology to produce oxygen from compressed air. The CAPO series is a robust and stable on-site Oxygen generation system, and a very cost-effective, reliable source of oxygen supply applied in various industries such as hospitals, laboratory, bulb blower, steel industry, powder metallurgy, paper pulp, aquiculture, golden mine, water treatment industry, etc.
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Air seperation unit ASU PSA oxygen generator for combustion process Of Waste Incinerator

Key Features&Benefits of CanGas CAPO PSA Oxygen Generator/O2 generator/Oxygen plant:

*Quick start up and instant oxygen production reaching target purity in minimum 20 minutes.

*Specially selected ZMS, less sensitive to contamination and high stability to prevent breakdown, optimum PSA technology to ensure consistent oxygen purity and to reduce air consumption.

*Multiple protective measures to the ZMS, extending the service life of the CAPO Oxygen Generator/O2 generator/Oxygen plant.

*Air buffer and oxygen buffer tanks integrated in the  Oxygen Generator/O2 generator/Oxygen plant in one skid, smaller footprint and easy to install, no need structural work, less cost.

*CANBUS system, a comprehensive central control system, integral oxygen analyzer to monitor and control the running conditions of the Oxygen Generator/O2 generator/Oxygen plant system, Wi-Ctrl Configuration is available to realize remote control and system upgrades.

*Powder coating surface treatment technique makes  the hard finish tougher and last longer.

*Unique wide oxygen purity range( from 90% to 99%) for customer flexibility.

*7*24 hours all around professional service.

CANGAS CAPO O2 93%purity


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