Air Separation Equipment Nitrogen Generator

A Pressure Swing Adsorption Nitrogen Generator simply separates the nitrogen molecules out of your compressed air stream to a usable purity, flow and pressure, based on your required specification. ... The PSA process is a physical process and uses no chemicals, therefore the annual consumables costs are extremely low.

Product Details

CanGas® general purpose Onsite PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) nitrogen generator produces gaseous nitrogen of 95%~99.9995% purity at dew point down to -60°C with flow rate up to 5,000 Nm3/h. Users get nitrogen gas on actual demand from dry compressed air directly with low running cost at jobsite. CanGas® PSA nitrogen generator offers a more economical, more reliable and more convenient nitrogen gas production & onsite supply solution than cylinder nitrogen gas and bulk nitrogen gas supply.

Main Application Fields

Ø Petrolchemical

Ø Coal, Oil & Gas mining

Ø Rubber/Tire Manufacture

Ø Metal and Heat Treatment

Ø Chemical & Plastics

Ø Edible Oil and Grease

Ø Fire Fighting/Preservation

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