95%-99.9999% Nitrogen Generation PSA Generator

95%-99.9999% Nitrogen Generation PSA Generator

95%-99.9999% Nitrogen generation PSA generator plant factory price 30 years manufacturer supplier high purity automatic portable Nitrogen, inert gas, plentiful in the air, stable and unreactive, is normally used as protective gas or atmosphere gas for reduction and carb uretor, mainly to isolate...
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95%-99.9999% Nitrogen generation PSA generator plant factory price 30 years manufacturer supplier high purity automatic portable


95%-99.9999% Nitrogen Generation PSA Generator - Nitrogen, inert gas, plentiful in the air, stable and unreactive, is normally used as protective gas or atmosphere gas for reduction and carb uretor, mainly to isolate oxygen in the specified space. Under-circumstance of room temperature and high pressure, oxygen and nitrog en are separated by different-diffusion rate in CMS.Nitrogen purity and output volum e is adjustable to meet customer’s requirements.


PSA technique (Pressure Swing Adsorption, PSA as abbreviation): it's a kind of advanced gas separation technology, based on physical adsorption of gas molecule on the internal surface of adsorbent (porous solid substances), using adsorbents in the same pressure easy to absorb the high boiling point gas, difficult to absorb low boiling point gas, and under high pressure adsorption amount of absorbed gas increases, under low pressure adsorption of absorbed gas to reduce the features to achieve gas separation. This process under pressure adsorption of impurities, under reduced pressure adsorption of impurities, make the adsorbent regeneration, is the PSA cycle.


Main Comppnents in CAN GAS PSA nitrogen generator - 95%-99.9999% Nitrogen Generation PSA Generator

1) Air compressor famous brand such as the Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, Sullair, can be available to match our PSA nitrogen generators. Also Germany compressors come from brand Karser have stronger capacity and best performance but with high cost.


2) Refrigeration dryer we use PARKER, SMC, ATLAS COPCO and JMEC TAIWAN .


3) Filters the elements with brand of PARKER.


4) Core equipment nitrogen generator have stronger PSA Features.


5) Electric parts PLC is made of Siemens.


6) Piping system welding process be made of ourselves to handle well.


7) Steel structure reasonable and consistence.


8) Pneumatic valve is made of Germany Burkert or SMC Japan

FAQ - 95%-99.9999% Nitrogen Generation PSA Generator

Q: Are you trading company or factory?

A: We are Nitrogen Generator manufacturer, founded in 1998 with 30 experience. Check www.can-gas.net please.


Q: What is the terms of payment?

A: T/T, L/C etc.


Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: Generally it is 10-50 working days depending on your order.


Q: How to get a prompt quotation?

A: When you send us inquiry, please kindly tell us the below technical information.

1)    N2 Flow rate: ____Nm3/h

2)    N2 Purity: ____%

3)    N2 Discharge pressure: ____Bar

4)    Voltages and Frequency: _____V/          HZ for 3PH and 1PH

5)    Application or use for which industry.

Company Information

CANGAS PSA N2 O2 Generator Factory

CAN GAS Systems Company Limited, identified as the Beijing Key High-Tech Corporation, is one of the initial companies involved in air separation industry. CAN GAS is committed to continuously providing core value to customers in all industries. With production base of 28,000.00 square meters, 15 national patents and ISO9001 Certificate of Quality Management System Certification, CE certificate, ASME certificate, UL certificate, GHOST certificate, CAN GAS has been an integration of R&D, design, manufacture, sales, service. Over the past 30 years, CAN GAS has successfully provided over 4000 sets of air separation systems for many industries in over 80 countries and regions.


CAN GAS Systems Company Limited have a range of  PSA oxygen generator, PSA nitrogen generator, PSA Oxygen purifier, PSA nitrogen purifier, hydrogen generator, VPSA oxygen generator, VSA oxygen generator, Membrane oxygen generator, Membrane nitrogen generator, Liquid (cryogenic) oxygen, nitrogen and argon generator, etc, and are widely used in industries of petroleum, oil & gas, chemicals, electronics, metallurgy, coals, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, autos, glass, plastics, food, medical treatment, grain, mining, cutting, welding, new material, etc. With years research in air separation technology and rich solution experiences in various industries, CAN GAS sticks to providing our clients with more reliable, more economical, more convenient professional gas solutions.


By now we have supplied CanGas® systems for clients including GE USA, WILMAR International Singapore, DEGUSSA Group Germany, SAMSUNG Korea, ORION Korea, China Petrol, Sinopec, etc. CAN GAS have built up a global distributor system covering Russia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, USA, Philippines, Australia, Pakistan etc. During the 2008 Olympics, CAN GAS was selected by Beijing Food Safety Test Center as the supplier for nitrogen generator to test the Olympic food.


We have an experienced professional team always ready to be at your service. The sales engineers carefully analyze your specified requirements and offer suitable solutions for you. The after-sale service system guarantees swift response to your problems within 24 hours and their resolutions in the shortest time. CAN GAS is responsible for after-sales services to all CAN GAS products and other related equipments provided by us. Besides, CAN GAS global distributor system can provide prompt professional localized service.


CAN GAS is dedicated to supplying our customers with more reliable, more economical and more convenient air separation solutions and professional service.

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